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Equality for Men - Myth or Reality

Replication rights of this book is here by granted as long as you don’t modify the contents. Also available to download A5 Size

29 thoughts on “Download Handbook”

  1. This is a really great Initiative taken by the abused men. Not sure why law makers don’t take enough cognizance and also create laws to stop abuse of the same. Today it has become phenomenon of so called Educated women to hold her inlaws for Ransom (predominantly to make quick money or to take control over men and his family or to take a revenge or to show she is a Woman).

    I always learned that a Women is a home maker but unfortunately by taking undue advantage of these laws the same women has become the biggest home breaker.

    If a timely thought isn’t given to this rising abuse, I see India next in the queue of the Nations where children wouldn’t know the name of their fathers and a Marriage would become a Business.

    End of the day, I guess we all who have fathers have seen their important role in our lives and how they are our role models. Did they raise us to see this day or we should just console ourself by saying it was our fate :(.

    I personally feel deeply hurt as even though these laws are made to help, it cause the biggest Child Abuse in our Nation, legally.

    I am not against the law for deprived women but Stop the abuse of the law and give equal rights to Men to avoid their and, their child abuse.

    • Hello, we People are divided over Minority, Majority, Caste, Color, etc. and Voting Bloody congress for 60 years and they are controlled by Slut Feminists behind the Scenes offen even on Scenes, we are all under the Opinions of Feminazy-Communism hence general people does not understand the importance of Men.

      President : SAMSEVA

      • Yes, u r right root cause is the feminist congress govt. they have spoiled the indian families. And see the new law of IRBM its against hindu’s more and fact is law minister is Muslim Salman Khurseed hope it make things clear.
        Corrupt congress I will never vote for them in my whole life and will preach the same to all.

    • well said 498a victim

      • i and my whole family & relatives will not vote for congress in our full life span we pledge and time to spread this to all of our friends and relatives so that they can understand and a united Men will change this blind rulers , either change Law or change the Lawmakers

      • AFAICT you’ve coveerd all the bases with this answer!

    • The Indian anti-national congress is the most corrupt political party every in this country if not in this world. They have been looting since 1947 and have done much more harm than the British and Moghuls together!

  2. Now its time to unite and fight against this gender biased law…This is a great beginning for a long fight….

    Nishat Sheikh

  3. Sirisha Davuluri said:

    Prassoon – Looks really good and very professionally done.


  4. Well done team, nicely written, covering common issues.
    and its small= readable.
    Icing on the cake was the cartoon and a shaayari, too good.
    How do we reach the masses?, should be made available in all possible noticeable locations, even if it is for free thats alright.

    lets keep it going until we throw away these stupid laws/systems spoiling our livelihoods.

  5. Excellent work.

  6. Kudos to all who participated in the endeavour to bring this booklet to public. This will set the stage for more initiatives in future.

  7. will this Help as law favoring still to Black mailers girls who just marry a boy for his money and black mails him for maintenance , money and property with threat of 498a , and in our law its complesury to give maintenance to girl even if she had not act as bride for a single week , really now its time for open the eyes and check what misuse is happening of its laws for ” kanoon ke devi ” , can’t law see that if a girl is demanding maintenance after marriage who was a working lady before marriage and even after marriage she stays with her parents and working same job then whats the meaning of marriage and whats the meaning of maintenance , i pray god if he exists that if re-birth is true pls make me girl so that i can use this lottery named maintenance and spend my life on my way on others hard earned money and blood

    • Sathya/Truth said:

      Hi Roop,
      Hopefully we will neutalize the gender biased laws by then. Stay united and fight for the cause and remain a MAN.

  8. Just looking at the Cover Page and Index. Seems to be nice piece of work. Looking forward to finish the same by evening.

    Good work! And thanks for sharing.

  9. Excellant work -congratulation.

  10. Excellent Work! Kudos to the authors………Luking for paperback edition on Book counters 🙂

  11. Great Work…..

  12. Equality for men in west may be Myth or reality, but in india its mythical reality. only in stroy books indian men are equal to their bitter halfs, but in in reality their life was controlled by Devi(l)s.
    Here is 2nd part of this IMD >> [ Empower Women by Disempowering Men ]

  13. I have gone through the book completely and I must congratulate you Prassoon on the efforts taken. We have distributed the copies on IMD celebration day to the Judiciary. We have a long way to go and this is one small but major step in that direction. Keep up the good work.

  14. Villageboy said:

    This is an interesting and very useful book and I really appreciate your efforts.

    When I checked Tamilnadu State SIF contact I don’t see Mr. Sureshram’s contact. I think he is a leader in Tamilnadu SIF. Also I tried to contact Mr. Amarnath and Aravindhan but both numbers are inactive and I am not sure whether they are active leaders or members in Tamilnadu.

  15. I can’t find words to appreciate the people who have the credit of publishing the book “equality for men-myth or reality. I have just gone through the contents and it is surprising. It is high time for men to unite to fight against the improper and anti-men laws which always prefer lick the boot of the fair sex. I can’t understand what happened to countless men who are on top of the law making houses or parliament. Have they become slaves of women? can’t they think independenly? don’t they have the sense that a crying woman may not always be genuine? We the men with masculine values should unite together and try to get these anti-men laws abolished: or to abolish these law making eunuchs who always feel comfortable to do sub standard slave work to women. I think this hadbook should be made more public and popular. It is also advisable wide propaganda of this book through media.
    It it time to evoke men, the most powerful living being in the whole universe. let’s show the whole world the the power, virtue and love of men.

  16. Even I have gone through this book. Its very nicely compiled and I congratulate u for the god work.
    Our work is to publicize it and we will doit.
    We will fight for our rights.

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